The Diabetes Decoder

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Speaking Engagements

Sheri offers private and group coaching throughout the U.S. to address fundamental and critical life matters.

And she speaks at public and private events on the following topics:


1.  The Four Types of Energy

              There are only four kinds of energy we humans use. We use them every day. Only one is renewable and it provides all the energy for the four. What matters most is how we use, and how to replenish, our precious energy. This topic examines the four sources of energy and when and where we are using it up in “big gulps.”

-          The ways you use physical energy

-          What exhausts you physically?

-          How to minimize the effects of mental exhaustion

-          The emotional roller-coaster

-          Spiritual energy consumption

-          How to renew your physical energy


2.  Understanding How Your Emotions Affect Everything Else

Emotions are the cornerstone of energy. They drive the way we think, act, and interact. Not thinking about emotions is like not thinking about breathing, but as yoga experts will tell you, it’s thinking about breathing that makes the difference. This topic explores how we could begin to think about how our emotions are affecting our lives.

-          What emotions do you frequently experience with your symptom?

-          What was going on in your life when you began to feel this way?

-          What thought triggers the emotion?

-          How to get off the emotional roller coaster


3.  Self-Esteem Project

Close your eyes and rate your opinion of yourself, on a scale of one to ten. Keep a log of your self-assessments. It will change daily. This topic helps people begin to assess whether or not self-esteem is a problem for them. Of course, it’s not a problem for everyone, but it is a problem when it’s low and you keep telling yourself it’s not low.

-          How often do you think about yourself throughout the average day?

-          When you think about yourself, is it positive or negative?

-          Do you always love yourself no matter what?

-          Do you love yourself as much as you love the people you care about?

-          According to your religious beliefs, is it right or wrong to love yourself?

-          Ways to increase your self-esteem


4.  Your Beliefs May Be Hurting You

Most people have potent limiting beliefs that are very personal. Other beliefs are universal. This topic explores limiting beliefs: where they come from, how to recognize them, how to determine whether they are not in your best interest, and what the beliefs do in terms of triggering emotions. Some limiting beliefs actually trigger other emotions related to still more limiting beliefs.

-          Exercise to uncover current limiting beliefs

-          Creating new belief statements about them

-          Methods to change beliefs permanently


5.  Meaningfulness

The search for meaning is an ancient and universal pursuit. For most it seems lofty and intended for gifted people with high goals and ambitions. But every life has purpose and meaning. It is a spiritual journey you cannot take by going to look for it. It’s wherever you are. You must make the difficult and sometimes painful journey inside to find it. Without meaning you are driving your “car” without a map in an unfamiliar city. You will get nowhere.

-          What do you love to do?

-          What topics are you passionate about?

-          What would you rather be doing with your life?

-          Why people live meaningless lives

-          Where to begin to create meaning in your life


6.  What Code Do You Live By?

Everyone has a distinct code we live by. Some codes are working well, but others need adjusting. We will explore what makes a code good or bad, which is different for each person. Sure, there are universal values we must adopt to live in a society, but that’s where the similarities end. Your code must be in alignment with your soul in order for it to work for you. Otherwise it will work against you.

-          Successful elements of your current code

-          Unsuccessful elements of your current code

-          How to begin to create the life code of your choosing


7.  The Way You Deal with Things is the Way You Deal with Disease

Understanding your personality is like having the exact recipe for the life you want. It tells you what to expect from yourself when you’re not feeling well, or if you have had an unpleasant turn of events. Your personality also tells you where you shine and what you are doing that’s helping you. This topic dives into why people perceive the world so differently and how the world makes sense from your perspective.

-          Your personality: joyful, loving, methodical, or in charge? Or is it a combination?

-          The bright, talented side of your particular personality

-          Your darker, shadow qualities; how to make them work for you

-          Low energy and the personality effect

-          How to use this personality information to create your life on your own terms


8.  Out of The Box Diabetes Care

If you have diabetes your doctor or practitioner has taught you the fundamentals of the physical care of your illness. I have based this topic upon the things he doesn’t teach. How do you learn to live with diabetes? How do you eventually appreciate it, despite its disadvantages? We will go through the fundamentals of mental, spiritual, and emotional care of yourself and diabetes. This will help whether you have diabetes or care for someone with diabetes, if you love someone with diabetes, and even if you don’t have diabetes and suffer in some way. The tools help with everything.

-          The four sources of energy

-          Loving yourself

-          Learning to appreciate diabetes

-          How your personality affects your self-care

-          Your particular spiritual path

-          Life School