The Diabetes Decoder


The Book That is Revolutionizing How You Deal With Diabetes


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If you have diabetes, you, not your doctor, are in charge of your disease.

"You will suffer for the rest of your life," the doctor said.

Well, he might as well have said it. It was in his eyes and in what he implied.

Since the day I was diagnosed I expected to suffer for the rest of my life. It was the only choice I thought I had.

If you want to change the way you feel about diabetes, if you want more energy, and if you want to keep your blood sugar low it’s up to you.

Your doctor will tell you what to do but there’s not much he can do if you don’t do what you need to do. 

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  • I feel like I have learned more in six weeks from Sheri than I have in all my previous schooling.
    — Dan B.
  • Sheri is so intuitive. Her book has changed my life.
    — Christine K.
  • Thanks Sheri. I would love to be able to help people the same way you have helped me.
    — Lorena H.
  • You taught me how changing beliefs can change my life.
    — Sara O.

What You'll Learn, And Why You Need This


The Doctor Tells You

  • Keep tight control of your blood sugars
  • Keep track of what you eat, especially carbohydrates
  • Keep track of your results, highs and lows
  • Stay healthy with exercise
  • Keep a positive outlook

It’s on you to figure out the details 

  • Start testing regularly without feeling like it’s a chore
  • Because you no longer feel the cravings you can stop binging 
  • Stop hating an illness that is a leading cause of death
  • Start thriving with diabetes
  • Start living your life on your terms
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The biggest hurdles

  • Looking at diabetes as a prison sentence for life
  • Failure to take care of diabetes 
  • Low self-esteem
  • Depression
  • Dissatisfaction
  • Feeling like diabetes controls you
  • Living small

This Book Teaches You

  • To see your individual emotional roller coaster for what it is
  • Your broken inner programming I call your current code
  • To create a code for living free from all the drama
  • How to live the life you were meant to live
  • To uncover your own unconscious beliefs
  • To change beliefs that aren’t helping you
  • How you use and how you deplete precious energy
  • How your personality affects your diabetes management
  • The emotions that help you

We will explore

  • Emotional and mental wellness
  • The physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual when it comes to diabetes
  • Grieving diabetes
  • Making your anger dissolve
  • Processes for changing your beliefs
  • Your steps and a new system 
  • What’s stopping you
  • The effects of stress on health
  • What decoding means
  • The details of your code
  • Your support team
  • Your energy at the core

Do you think you will ever like having diabetes?

Probably not. I don’t like having it. But I don’t hate it anymore either. I am satisfied with it. It’s my teacher.

  • I enjoy the best things about me
  • I live my life on my own terms
  • I’m much better at living my life than before I even got diabetes
  • Having diabetes helped me to do that
  • You can do it too
  • You can be as satisfied with your life as I am with mine


There are definitely times we suffer in life, but suffering from diabetes is your choice. Join me and together we can begin a journey you will not regret. Don’t worry, I’ve done it already. I know the steps to take. And you will be amazed when you discover your remarkable ability. 

About The Author

Sheri Fawson is the founder of Your Wellness Code, a program designed to help people discover and implement permanent change in a simple, easy to follow format. Sheri says you can have phenomenal health and massive happiness and JOY. 

She can help you change your most fundamental beliefs to ones that give you unbelievable results.  

Sheri spent more than twenty years unraveling beliefs that kept her hating a debilitating disease and grieving her lost vitality, and then she put her own life back together. 

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Speaking Engagements

Teaching the program taught her to decode the programming that causes people to settle, play small, and stay stuck – a new code that supports the change people want to BE in the world. Do you know what to do but you’re just not doing it? Sheri can help you change that and more.  Sheri is available for private and group coaching throughout the United States.  Reach out to Sheri to find out more.