The Diabetes Decoder


360 Degrees Diabetes Decoder Coaching


This simple program offers a free assessment for 30-60 minutes with me. We will hammer out a plan focused on your particular needs. We will discuss you and what you expect to gain. As you will see this is a simple program designed to help you see results quickly.


1.       Needs Analysis

What frustrations do you currently deal with?

A few examples

-          Negative self-talk

-          Binge eating

-          Bad habits

-          Laziness about diabetes

-          The emotional roller coaster: anger and fear

-          Directionlessness

-          Depression/apathy

What you already know

Let’s talk more about it


2.       Where do you hope to be in 3 months? In one year?


3.       Where to begin

The biggest problem first

Brainstorming together about where to begin and what to do

Your map


4.       Accountability and resources

The first assignment

Using the book as your workbook